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Acquired brokers have extensive experience in managing a range of finance facilities, including the following products.

Chattel Mortgage
A chattel mortgage is a loan facility used to finance the purchase of an income producing asset (also described as a chattel) where that asset is used as security for the loan. A chattel mortgage provides flexibility in structuring the loan on competitive terms which includes the ability to finance 100% of the purchase price in many circumstances. Ownership of the asset remains with the borrower through the term of the loan which allows them to benefit from any tax deductions that may be available dependant on their own specific circumstances.

Commercial Hire Purchase
A commercial hire purchase is a purchase by instalment facility where the borrower hires the asset being acquired from the financier for a fixed monthly repayment. The borrower retains the rights of ownership over the asset through the term of the contract which includes entitlements to claim for deductions and depreciation that may apply (based on the borrowers individual circumstances). On repayment in full of the facility, ownership of the asset transfers to the borrower. Commercial Hire Purchase is used for the purchase of income producing assets and provides flexibility in structuring repayments to suit your needs.

Finance Lease
A finance lease is an agreement where the financier retains ownership of the asset which is then leased for an agreed term and rental amount. A finance lease provides 100% finance to acquire equipment for use in your business. On completion of the lease the borrower will have the option to purchase the asset for payment of a (pre-determined) residual value. This facility is flexible, offers fast turnarounds and fixed repayments.

Operating Lease
An operating lease is an agreement between the borrower and financer to lease equipment for use in a business for a fixed period of time. Following the term of the contract, the item is returned, upgraded or re-leased. This facility means no liability for the borrower in terms of residual values and is considered a cost effective and efficient form of finance for those businesses that regularly upgrade assets or require use of an asset to complete a specific project or work contract.

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“My brother and I purchased an investment property from Acquired Properties after being recommended by a friend. Their research, customer service and professionalism made the process simple and easy. We wouldn’t hesitate buying through them again.”

Justin Furno
"Initially I was unsure of how to build a property investment portfolio, however Acquired Properties were helpful, approachable and listened to my concerns; explaining everything in simple terms. I knew I couldn’t do it by myself so I’m thankful that I chose Acquired Properties to help me through the process."

Evon Kong
“Acquired Properties made a great impression with their expertise and knowledge of property investment. Their industry knowledge and professionalism are just some of the reasons why I chose them to help expand, and look after my property portfolio. I can now look forward to the future knowing that Acquired are with me every step of the way.”

Paola Astudillo
"I highly recommend Acquired Properties for all your investment needs. They are true professionals with outstanding business acumen and integrity.”

Richard Narria

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